Highest Quality Robotic Workstation Tips


Low Retention Tips Made of Strongest Materials

NanoScreen manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of premium pipette tips for robotic applications using 96 and 384 channel heads.

Only NanoScreen offers all of the benefits below:

  • Very Low Retention – High polish techniques and the highest grade of polypropylene available
  • Highest Quality – Manufactured and packaged under strict clean room conditions. Each tip is inspected for defects, uniformity, and straightness.
  • Trouble-Free Tip Loading – All tips are completely discharged of static electricity during the packaging process.
  • Meets 8 Important Quality Standards – Each order includes a Certificate of conformity.
  • Aerosol Barrier – Filter tips for 384 channel heads retain a true 30 µL capacity while protecting from aerosols in ultra-sensitive applications


P Series Pipette Tips

Our P Series 10µL and 30µL 384 channel tips are designed for use with CCS Packard/PerkinElmer, Evolution P3, Janus, MiniTrak, PlateTrak, Beckman Multimek, and NanoScreen refurbished Multimek liquid handlers using NanoScreen 384 P30 and PerkinElmer 384 P30 or I30-MDT dispense heads. All tips are available in several styles: non-sterile, sterile and aerosol barrier. Tips come in a case pack configuration that contains 19,200 tips (50 racks each with 384 tips). Special quad rack configurations are available upon request.

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